Monday, October 17, 2011

Kid's Corner - Spooky Bookmarks

 Ever since my boys were old enough I have done little craft projects with them that were fun,  perfect for their little fingers, and some education involved, like counting or math, etc.  I have made these really fun  book marks with both my boys for several years now and the great thing about it is that its fast and fun for kids who are on the go, like my boys who don't like to be doing one thing for too long.  

Supplies needed:
Black felt
Googly eyes in different sizes (I will get to that in a minute)

First cut your felt into quarters.  These will make big book marks which make them harder to loose in a book and easier on little fingers.  

Because there are different sizes of eyes, this will be a great way to work with your little one on matching and understanding how to tell the difference in sizes like tiny, small, medium, large, extra-large.  Either let your child dab glue onto the back of the eyes or you can do it for them depending on their age.  

Let your child fill up their bookmark until they are happy with the way it looks.  

While the bookmark is drying, encourage your child to read or read to your little one, so they can put their new bookmark to use!


  1. Sarah,

    Just love this fun kid's tutorial! What a great way to make reading fun!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm READING'S biggest fan, and love anything which promotes children's desire to read! These are darling AND easy AND inexpensive! Who WOULDN'T love them?

  3. Those bookmarks are so cute! And anything that encourages reading is "a-ok" in my book;)