Monday, October 3, 2011

Quoth The Raven............Nevermore!

I love decorating for Halloween with a black and white palette and the crows/ravens found at craft stores are a perfect addition to my decorating. Over the years I have added them to pumpkins, blinged them up with vintage rhinestones, added paper crowns and cones, etc. This year I added a handmade nest, rusty springs and a little bling for the perfect tabletop or mantel decoration.

Supplies Needed:

Moss (found at the craft store or dollar store)
Rusty Spring (found HERE)
Craft Crow/Raven
Hot Glue Gun
Jewelry Cutters
Vintage Glass Pearls
Vintage Rhinestone Junk Jewelry

First pull off a big piece of moss and shape it into a nest. Please note that moss is very messy so you may want to do this outside or keep a vacuum handy.

Once you are happy with the shape of the nest, flip it over and cut out an approximate 2 inch circle out of the burlap. Using your hot glue gun, glue the burlap to the bottom of the nest. This helps give the nest some stability.

With your jewelry cutters, cut off the wire stand on the bottom of the bird and then glue the bird into the nest.

Add a vintage glass pearl strand and rhinestone piece and then glue the next on top of the spring. Optional embellishing ideas include: adding a tea dyed tag stamped with BOO!, making a glittered crown or hat, attaching some grungy ribbon, etc.

The possibilities are endless!!

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  1. LOOOOVE THAT! I have 4 ravens in my Halloween decorating box but I'm usually LAZY & just set them randomly here & there. I have to try YOUR method this year! Very cool!!!

  2. oh what a wonderful idea, I have the perfect project for something like this and I think I even have all the items (have to check on the spring). Thanks for the link to the spring, I will be getting them if I can't find mine!

  3. I'm hoping I can leave a comment, I've been having problems . . . but anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and I have everything, matter of fact, I already made mine! I will post about it tomorrow!!


  4. i love this especially the spring. great idea!!!

  5. I posted some pictures!


  6. Very cute project! I've been looking for some of those springs.....

  7. Adorable! I love this...a great Halloween project and so creative!

  8. This is wonderful, I have just what I need ,to make this wonderful decoration.Thankyou.