Monday, December 5, 2011

Sparkling Vintage Bling Ring

Every year I enjoy making handmade gifts to give to friends and family for Christmas.  This is something I have been doing since I was young.  I remember in middle school making necklaced and bracelets for all my girlfriends and since then I have had a love for making jewelry.  

I want to share with you the process on how to make a sparkling vintage bling ring out of vintage findings and new ring blanks.  This process is easy and fun would make a wonderful mother daughter project and a perfect handmade gift that any bling loving girl would love!!


*A good strong glue such as E-6000
*A metal nail file, 
*Ring blanks (or bobby pin blanks, bracelet blanks, bail blanks, etc.)
*Jewelry nippers (not shown)
*Vintage rhinestone buttons or jewelry findings  (if you cannot find vintage buttons or jewelry, the craft store offers great alternatives - look in the jewelry section for jewelry findings and the sewing section for rhinestone buttons)

Starting with the rice, put a good amount in a bowl or dish.  Make sure the bowl or dish is deep enough to allow the ring or other jewelry blanks to sit flat.  I personally like to use an old baking pan as I tend to make a lot of rings or hair clips at one time. 

In this instance, I am using a vintage buttons, Using the jewelry nippers, cut off the shank of the button making sure you are leaving it nice and flat without any metal sticking out.  If you are using vintage clip on earrings clip off the earring backs carefully as close to the back of the earring as you can.  This also applies to pendants, pins/brooches, etc.  Using your metal nail file, file down any sharp metal to ensure it doesn't snag or scratch the wearers skin.  

Put a glob of E-6000 or other strong glue on the base.  If you added to much glue use a q-tip or toothpick to clean up the excess glue.  

Position and center the vintage button (or finding) on the ring base and carefully set into the rice.  The rice holds the ring blank in place so that the button doesn't doesn't slide around and dry in a different position other then the one you want.  Please note that the picture also shows what the ring blank and bobby pink blank would look like with out the vintage findings on it while sitting in the rice.  These instructions can also be adapted for any kind of jewelry blank so have fun playing around with different jewelry blanks and vintage findings!

Now here comes the hard part ---

You must leave your ring alone for 24 hours to allow the glue to cure and dry.  

After 24 hours are up, you now have a beautiful ring to wear or give as a gift!  

Be sure to check back often this month for lots more great tutorials from our contributors and guest gardeners!!!!