Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shabby Vintage Inspired Magnets

If there is one thing I always need more of, then its definitely magnets.  My refrigerator is covered in art work, pictures, permission slips, grocery lists, and math and spelling reviews for the coming week.  So whats a shabby vintage loving girl to do?  

Well, make some magnets of course!!


Magnets - I purchased these at Lowe's as I am not fond of regular craft store magnets.  These are strong and sure to hold many papers together without falling off every time the fridge door is opened and closed. 

Buttons in various sizes - I used all vintage mother of pearl buttons

Vintage rhinestone earrings and buttons & vintage beaded clip on earrings

E-6000 glue


Shallow dish or pan to hold the rice

Start out by stacking buttons and vintage rhinestone pieces to get an idea how your magnets are going to look.  You may have to clip shanks or earring back off with a pair of jewelry nippers, but please be careful because those little metal pieces will go flying. Its best to wear safety glasses or even sunglasses to protect your peepers!

The backs of beaded clip on earrings can have their backs pried off with jewelry pliers.  This allows the magnets to sit nicely inside the back of the earring.  

Using E-6000 glue, start gluing the magnets onto the back of earrings or rhinestone buttons and set them into the rice so they will lay flat and avoid the magnets from sliding around while drying.  

Using E-6000 glue start gluing the buttons and vintage bits and pieces together and then set them into the rice so they will lay flat and avoid the buttons/rhinestones from sliding around while drying.  Don't glue the magnets on yet.    

After about an hour or two, to allow the glue to set up a bit, flip the buttons over and glue the magnets on the back of the buttons and again lay them flat in the rice to avoid the magnets from sliding while drying.  

Allow your magnets to dry for 24 hours before using them.  

Now you are ready to use your magnets!  These are perfect for any magnetized surface, such as this vintage enameled tray.  A vintage postcard and vintage photo is finished off with a few pretty shabby vintage inspired magnets.  

For more details about using E-6000 and rice, please see the Sparkling Vintage Bling Ring tutorial.   


  1. love it....I just made a few of these for my studio space.

  2. Thanks Ellen!! I have been thinking of you. I hope you are well. xo, Sarah

  3. putting them in rice a great idea!! thanks for sharing.
    beautiful magnets.

    barbara jean

  4. Love your magnet tray and had to pin it! Very beautiful!
    Sending you warmest wishes from Germany

  5. What a lovely, brilliant idea!

  6. Thankyou so much for sharing this idea. I have to make some magents for our display board in our craft group and these will be perfect.
    Thanks also for the darling digi print.
    Kind Regards
    Judith from Australia

  7. I love this idea; I'm a bit of a vintage button NUT.

    So pretty!!!!


  8. These magnets are lovely. And, thanks for the tip about purchasing better quality magnets at Lowes...

  9. So pretty! You have great ideas!

  10. Its beautiful project. as well as I like vintage buttons nice use. Its look very pretty and attractive. Its too good work.