Sunday, March 4, 2012

Taking Time

I will be taking some time off...

Please visit my main blog Blessed and Distressed for more inspiration.
See you soon.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Hold the Key

Happy Valentine's Day!  Here is a cute and fun project to give to your special loved one today or any day...  You hold the Key to my Heart!
Supplies Needed:

Paper Mache Heart
Cream Paint
Glitter Paint
Distress Ink
Seam Binding
Bits of Vintage Lace, Rick Rack, Buttons, Key
(whatever makes your heart happy)
Vintage Journal Paper
Glue Gun
Paint Brush

Paint heart and let dry.

Add distressing ink to the heart to age it.

Add glitter paint over the top. 

Print out your words on vintage journal paper.

Then add your vintage treasures and words to complete your heart.

This heart I will be giving to my special someone today... and it will be hanging up year round as a small reminder of our love.

Wishing you all a creative day, sweet friends.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Exclusive Kit for February

This month Sarah, brings you a Vintage and New Paper Doilie Kit for all your crafting needs.

Sarah as put together a little kit mixed with vintage and new paper doilies that are perfect for mixed media arts, scrapbooking and more.

You will receive 8 different doilies, 3 heart shaped and five round doilies.

Click here to grab yours now!

Wishing you all a beautiful day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kid's Corner - DIY Personalized Valentines

There is a really fun and easy way to make DIY personalized Valentine's for your kids to give out in class on Valentine's Day!

Step One - take some pictures of your child

Step Two - pick out your favorite photo and using your favorite photo editing program, edit the photo and add frames, clip art, etc. to the picture.

Step Three - order online at a place like CVS, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. and have them print them out one hour.

Step Four - pick them up!!!

Step Five - let your little one personalize them on the back with a marker

Hope you enjoy making your own Valentines!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Patterned Paper Tutorial

Hi there! I am happy to be here again with you as today’s Guest Gardener. My home blog is Kids Napping? I’m Scrapping! and I’d love to have you visit after you’ve soaked up all the sweet ideas and tutorials here on The Creative Patch.

Valentine’s Day, my favorite holiday, is upon us. All of my favorite things celebrated on one day: love; hand-delivered mail; flowers; chocolate; romantic picnics; the colors pink, white, and red, kisses; gift-giving; baking; bling (adhesive gems or diamonds are both winners with me); love notes; and hearts.

I love Valentine’s Day crafting, and today I will be sharing how to make your own patterned paper to use on your projects.

You will need:
light, neutral-toned cardstock (you could even use music sheets)
ink pads or paint
rubber or acrylic stamps

After you’ve gathered your supplies:
Ink the stamp of your choice:Start stamping on your cardstock:Be sure that the images are somewhat offset. It is more pleasing to the eye and looks more natural.To stamp on the edges, you will need a scratch piece of paper:Put the scratch sheet of paper behind your patterned paper:Now, stamp the edge of the paper allowing the other edge of the stamp to come off the edge. This will give the patterned paper a continuous look:Once you have completed stamping your paper:You can take a very, fancy pen for coloring:a nearby crayon will work fine, too, if all of your crafting supplies are still in boxes. ;)
Voila! You are all done:I used my paper to make a heart.
I took a chipboard heart to use as a template:I traced the heart on the back:Cut out my heart with scissors:And now? There is a naughty message for my husband on the fridge:;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Notes

Here is a little love from all of here at the Creative Patch.....

We you enjoy!

Heather, Sarah & Sheila

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Digital Download

Sharing some Digi Love with you all....



Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shabby Vintage Inspired Magnets

If there is one thing I always need more of, then its definitely magnets.  My refrigerator is covered in art work, pictures, permission slips, grocery lists, and math and spelling reviews for the coming week.  So whats a shabby vintage loving girl to do?  

Well, make some magnets of course!!


Magnets - I purchased these at Lowe's as I am not fond of regular craft store magnets.  These are strong and sure to hold many papers together without falling off every time the fridge door is opened and closed. 

Buttons in various sizes - I used all vintage mother of pearl buttons

Vintage rhinestone earrings and buttons & vintage beaded clip on earrings

E-6000 glue


Shallow dish or pan to hold the rice

Start out by stacking buttons and vintage rhinestone pieces to get an idea how your magnets are going to look.  You may have to clip shanks or earring back off with a pair of jewelry nippers, but please be careful because those little metal pieces will go flying. Its best to wear safety glasses or even sunglasses to protect your peepers!

The backs of beaded clip on earrings can have their backs pried off with jewelry pliers.  This allows the magnets to sit nicely inside the back of the earring.  

Using E-6000 glue, start gluing the magnets onto the back of earrings or rhinestone buttons and set them into the rice so they will lay flat and avoid the magnets from sliding around while drying.  

Using E-6000 glue start gluing the buttons and vintage bits and pieces together and then set them into the rice so they will lay flat and avoid the buttons/rhinestones from sliding around while drying.  Don't glue the magnets on yet.    

After about an hour or two, to allow the glue to set up a bit, flip the buttons over and glue the magnets on the back of the buttons and again lay them flat in the rice to avoid the magnets from sliding while drying.  

Allow your magnets to dry for 24 hours before using them.  

Now you are ready to use your magnets!  These are perfect for any magnetized surface, such as this vintage enameled tray.  A vintage postcard and vintage photo is finished off with a few pretty shabby vintage inspired magnets.  

For more details about using E-6000 and rice, please see the Sparkling Vintage Bling Ring tutorial.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Heartfelt Banner

Do you love sweet heart doilies and creamy vintage buttons? 

Here is a sweet heartfelt banner that is a fun, easy and beautiful way to tell those special people in your life how much they mean to you.

Supplies Needed:

Assorted Doilies
Ink Pad - I used Van Dyke Brown Ink Pad
Alpha Stamps
(you can also hand write sweet messages instead of stamping)
Maya Road Heart Stick Pins
Vintage Buttons

Stamp (or write) sayings on each doilie.

After completing each doilie, now is the fun part...

Add vintage buttons to a stick pin and pin each heart on the twine.

Then hang up and enjoy....

If you want something a little more colorful, spritz Tattered Angels Glimmer mist on doilies "coloring" them your favorite color.  Let them dry and then add your stamps and complete with colored stick pins and buttons.

Wishing you all a creative day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids Corner - Valentine's Day Mug

With Valentine's Day just around the corner (26 days to be exact) I wanted to share a fun and easy project that moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and teachers would love.

These mugs can be used as coffee cups, and would also make a wonderful pencil holder at a computer desk, or even a nice little vase for some pretty handpicked wild flowers. If you do use to drink out of, I would recommend handwashing and gentle dish soap.

What you need:

* Plain white mugs from the Dollar Store - you can also use plates, bowls, platters, etc.

* Oil based sharpie paint markers (You can also use porcelain paint markers - be sure to follow the instructions on the package.)

I did want to mention that I purchased these markers for other projects, but you can find them at Michael's in a pack for around $15 dollars or about $3 each. If you use your weekly 40% off coupon than you can get them much less!

Let your little one draw and write to their hearts content and let them help you wrap it into tissue and package it up and then they are ready to give!!

These are also sweet little gifts that can be given year around and decorated depending on the holiday. I also think it would be a fun end of the year gift to a teacher if you had all the students write their name on the mug or a plate. The possibilities are endless!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bottlecap Blooms

I love flowers.  What girl doesn't?  But, this being the month of January...there aren't too many flowers blooming these days.  I miss flowers.
What's a girl to do?  How about make your own easy-peasy project, I promise.
Supplies needed: pages from an old book, bottlecaps, scissors, glue, magnets, glitter{I used Stickles}, a 1-inch hole punch, a circle cutter.
Now I don't own a circle-cutter, so I had to make my circles the old-fashioned way.  Placing several book pages in a stack, I traced around the top of a mason jar to make a circle and then I cut around it. Holding my circle pages together, I cut from the edge towards the center, all around, creating "petals".
Then, I scrunched my paper flowers a bit {I also sprayed one with TatteredAngels Glimmer Mist and inked another...optional steps} and glued a bottlecap to the center.
I used a variety of embellishments to place in the bottlecaps.  One bottlecap, I chose to print out "seek joy" and use my hole punch to make a center.  I also used a stamp and a pre-made die-cut image.  I glued the centers to the inside of the bottlecaps and then placed an epoxy dot{optional} on top of them. 
You could use just about anything...a vintage button, a bingo calling number, a flower, or even an old clip-on earring.  Whatever you want.  I made magnets out of my blooms, but you could use them without as an embellishment for a card or scrapbook layout.
I found it worked best to glue each "flower" page to the next...creating layers.  On the back, I glued another bottlecap with a magnet glued to it. 
And for just a bit of shimmer, I added some Stickles{cinnamon} to the edges of my petals.  And there you have it..."fresh" flowers for wintertime!
Keep on blooming!