Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bottlecap Blooms

I love flowers.  What girl doesn't?  But, this being the month of January...there aren't too many flowers blooming these days.  I miss flowers.
What's a girl to do?  How about make your own easy-peasy project, I promise.
Supplies needed: pages from an old book, bottlecaps, scissors, glue, magnets, glitter{I used Stickles}, a 1-inch hole punch, a circle cutter.
Now I don't own a circle-cutter, so I had to make my circles the old-fashioned way.  Placing several book pages in a stack, I traced around the top of a mason jar to make a circle and then I cut around it. Holding my circle pages together, I cut from the edge towards the center, all around, creating "petals".
Then, I scrunched my paper flowers a bit {I also sprayed one with TatteredAngels Glimmer Mist and inked another...optional steps} and glued a bottlecap to the center.
I used a variety of embellishments to place in the bottlecaps.  One bottlecap, I chose to print out "seek joy" and use my hole punch to make a center.  I also used a stamp and a pre-made die-cut image.  I glued the centers to the inside of the bottlecaps and then placed an epoxy dot{optional} on top of them. 
You could use just about anything...a vintage button, a bingo calling number, a flower, or even an old clip-on earring.  Whatever you want.  I made magnets out of my blooms, but you could use them without as an embellishment for a card or scrapbook layout.
I found it worked best to glue each "flower" page to the next...creating layers.  On the back, I glued another bottlecap with a magnet glued to it. 
And for just a bit of shimmer, I added some Stickles{cinnamon} to the edges of my petals.  And there you have it..."fresh" flowers for wintertime!
Keep on blooming!


  1. these are so adorable leah. and they look pretty easy which is right up my alley.

  2. Love these!! I may just have to give it a try!!

  3. Oh I love this....I was just on Leah's blog and had to come right on over here!
    I am inspired to play with novel pages now! thanks so much!

    Swing on over to my blog and enter my Flash ends tomorrow....

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  4. They are beautiful. Love them.

    Hugs Bente

  5. Sweet flowers! Love the glitter on the edges.

  6. These are really lovely. I would also like to try this use of bottle caps.

  7. Very nice flowers. I'll try to do that...

  8. Hi Leah:
    I'm a new follower and found ya thru Pinterest! I have made my version of the bottle cap flowers this morning and was wondering if I could like up to my blog. I just followed you and I'm here.
    Thank you for the great inspiration!