Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Spoon Spider Ornaments

I recently picked up a few vintage spoons while out junkin’.  They had nice tarnishing and pretty handles.  I didn’t really have a plan for them, until I realized that I needed to make some Halloween ornaments for a swap.  For some reason, spoon spiders came to mind!  Here’s how I made them!

Tools and supplies:
Vintage spoons
Sharpie marker
Drill and small drill bit
Dremel or metal file
Wire cutter
Small pliers
Flat glass pebbles
Beads with holes that fits snugly on the wire
E6000 Glue

***Wear eye protection!***
Use the hammer to flatten the spoon.  
(There are several tutorials online.  I just hammered the spoons on a wood plank.)
Decide where you would like the legs to be and mark with the Sharpie.
Drill holes on marks.
(Be careful ~ the spoon may get hot from the drilling.) 
Smooth the holes with the Dremel/file.
Use pliers or a vice to fold over the handle of the spoon to the back.
Cut the wire for the legs.
Decide the length of wire that you would like for each leg, and add 1 inch.
(You will need one piece of wire for each leg.)
Insert wire in leg hole about  .75” through the back and bend the wire in half.
Wrap the wire around itself using pliers.  Twist tightly to secure.
Bend legs as desired.
Repeat for each leg.
  In a well-ventilated area, dip the very end of each leg into the E6000 glue and add a bead.
Repeat with all legs.
Glue the glass pebble to desired spot for the head.
Let dry for a day then add a ribbon hanger.


  1. Brilliant! I would NEVER have seen SPIDERS when I looked at those spoons. Just goes to show who has the creative mind! LOVE 'EM, Heather!

  2. What a clever idea!! No way I would have come up with that on my own...and those are "spiders" I wouldn't mind having around the house;)

  3. These are amazing! Any tricks as to how to get a spoon flat? I have tried it and mines turn out lumpy and weird looking.

  4. Brilliant! Even an arachnophobe couldn't possibly be scared of these gorgeous creatures.

  5. Your spiders are super fun and thank you for sharing your technique. Happy Haunting...

  6. I've just found your site (through some posts in "pinterest"). Great ideas. I put together a similar version of your "broom". Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  7. Oh great tutorial now A hunt for spoons !!!
    Kathy - ga ♥

  8. I KNOW I already posted a comment here, but I want to say that, as the winner of Heather's $30 gift certificate, I received my goodies today, and WOW!!!! Heather, you ALWAYS go above & beyond. I am in LOVE with my new treasures! THANK YOU!!! (And I will definitely send the $.75 cents tho' YOU were kind enough not to tell me to. LOL!) Love this blog, love Speckled Egg, and love YOU, Heather!

  9. Heather, your spider spoons are genius!!! LOVE THEM! I'm having a Glamour Witch party next week and will be making some to include in the treat bags! Thank you for sharing... :)