Monday, November 21, 2011

Bottled Blessings

I am a collector/lover of bottles and jars.  While I love to decorate my home with them, I like to embellish  a bottle or jar now & then. And since this is the month for giving thanks, I thought I would "bottle" up some of the blessings I've been counting.
Supplies needed: an empty bottle or jar, vintage paper, twine or ribbon, label & sticker paper, embellishment{mine is a bejeweled flower by Prima}, glue gun & glue, scissors.  Print, type, or handwrite some "blessings" on a plain piece of paper.
Choose a graphic image to fit your bottle/jar.  Glue your "label" to the front.  Or you can scan the image like I did and print it on sticker paper{available at office supply stores}.  Cut the image out and adhere it to the bottle/jar. 
I printed my "list of blessings" on plain paper and cut them into strips.  Then, I folded the strips accordion-style and stuffed them inside the jar.
 Once you have the blessings "bottled up", cover the top of the bottle/jar.  This can be done a variety of ways...a cork, stack of buttons, some bling, etc.  I decided to wrap the bottle neck with a strip of vintage ledger paper.  With the paper "cap" in place, I then wrapped it with some twine.
Now, all you have to do is add an embellishment or two.  Using my glue gun, I simply glued the flower to the neck of the bottle.  As an afterthought, I added some letter stickers to my label because it seemed a bit too plain.
And there you have it, a bottle full of blessings.
Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Love this Leah!!! I definitely have to make one of these!!

  2. What a beautiful idea--I will be making one of these very soon! Thanks so much for the lovely inspiration!


  3. My favorite so far!!!! Gorgeous, heartfelt, & a PERFECT GIFT.

  4. So sweet an idea- and your bottle is so pretty- I love how you covered the top.

  5. wow leah!!! this is so beautiful i love it. everyone should have a bottle full of blessings.

  6. Thats a really lovely idea, I think you have inspired quite a few people with this, I might have to make one as well.

  7. the bottle is gorgeous and a very sweet way to remember all of our blessings. i am so "pinning" it! TFS! :)

  8. Lovely bottle of blessings. Happy Thanksgiving...

  9. Such a wonderful idea! Thanks for reminding us to give Thanks because we are so blessed!